Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 25: Margarita Ville

    Tonight we were going to try the one Italian restaurant on city walk but it was so bad that we decided to head somewhere else. It was set up as a buffet style and our hostess was really rude. Overall it was more of a fast food set up, with no ambiance what so ever.

    My mother took the opportunity to persuade the family to go to Margarita Ville instead, even though there was a 25 minute wait. I must say I was excited when I saw that they had a vegan burger option on the menu as well as marked all their vegetarian dishes so it would be easy to have other dishes altered. I ended up having the vegan Boca Burger.

    While there was a great sea shore ambiance in this restaurant, the food was not so impressive. My boca burger was less appealing than the ones I make myself at home, but I was nice not having to work so hard to find a vegan option here. The restaurant overall was pretty mediocre, but it still is a great place if you are just looking for a great margarita for it is margarita ville. 

    For more information on Margarita Ville entries check out their Menu

Vegan Dishes:

Boca Burger


  1. I don't know about your Margaritaville...but the one here, the only thing that is vegan is the patty. The buns contain dairy. It comes with mayo if you don't specify not to leave that off. And even when I specified no bun, no mayo - I received the patty with cheese!! Always check on the buns - they'll get you every time.

  2. Thanks for the input. I would not really recommend their food overall....but its a great place for drinks