Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 21: Vegan Food at City Walk

    Today I definitely felt the effects of the non-vegan food I ate yesterday as well as the highly processed sugary snacks we have been eating. I have low energy, a massive headache, and feel slightly nauseous. I felt deprived of fruits and vegetables and by dinner time I was determined to change that.

     Tonight we decided to try the Latin Quarter restaurant for my brother was craving Mexican food. I opted for the Latin Quarter Ensalada which had mixed greens with tomatoes, black beans, corn, and red onions. It was topped with cilantro lime dressing which sounded to be like some sort of vinaigrette, but it turned out to be a creamy dressing meaning it was most likely not vegan.

     Luckily my dad found this great artical online for tomorrow that lists the vegetarian and vegan choices at the various restaurants on the city walk. If any one is planning on taking a trip to Orlando Florida you should check it out this great artical.

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