Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 12: Tofu Pumpkin Pancakes

     Today I woke up feeling lazy. We all have those days where all you want to do is curl up in bed and just read a good book. So today I totally committed myself to being lazy. I slept in and just got out of bed to make myself some tofu pumpkin pancakes.

     I am not sure if I really liked the recipe I used all that much, for the tofu pumpkin pancakes had a weird consistency, so I chose no to include the recipe in this post.Well at least I tried something new. Next time I am going to attempt the vegan blueberry pancakes recipe I found in the vegetarian starter kit I got in the mail from which looks absolutely delicious.

     The rest of my morning I was completely content with doing nothing. Besides a little bit of yoga and a hot bath, I did not really do much. While my morning, as well as the rest of my day, was seemingly unproductive it still was important for a lot of us forget to simply stop and take care of ourselves. It is essential to stop and give ourselves a break every once and a while. By the end of the day you end up feeling refreshed and some times a little bit antsy to get back to your normal productive life style.

     One of the books I really like, that I have held onto since I was little is “Soul Searching; A Girls Guide to Finding Herself” by Sarah Stillman. I love this book for it includes “how to” instructions for so many simply joys that we often don’t make time to do anymore in our daily lives such as meditation, yoga, massage, self-spa treatments, and journal writing.  While this book was written by a 16 year old and is geared towards a younger audience, it still is a worthwhile read. I am still amazed that a girl of only 16 was able to write such an enlightened book.

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