Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 80: Dinner with the Parents

     Tonight was an exciting night for my parents came to visit me for the weekend, and this evening they met my boyfriend's parents for the first time. My boyfriend decided that it would be easier to have dinner at his parents place rather than eating out, because of my new dietary restrictions, and put together a wonderful vegan friendly meal.

    He attempted to make homemade falafel pita sandwiches with pita bread, tabule, and falafel balls all from scratch! Pretty challenging endeavor, but I must say I was impressed. To top off the meal I contributed the Greek salad I made on day 10, and cherry chip soy ice cream from Trader Joe's for dessert. All and all the night was a success. Both our parents loved the food until we pointed out at dessert that the ice cream had no dairy products in it, and that it was in fact soy based. Note to self, never tell a meat eater that they are actually eating an entirely vegan meal or they will no longer feel comfortable eating it.


  1. That picture would be a heck of a lot more awesome if we saw your face in it!

  2. Ya....My mom was trying to focus on the food. I do normally try to stay out of the pictures, and just focus on the food, but her picture turned out a lot better than mine.

  3. You are so right. People can be totally enjoying their meal and as soon as you mention 'Vegan' they change completely. It can be really frustrating!