Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 67: Animal Cruelty in Circuses

      Today I once again started to go through my stash of pamphlets, movies, and newsletters I accumulated at the Animal Rights Conference I attended on day 53. After rifling through the pile I picked out the movie "Stop Circus Suffering" put together by Animal Defenders International.

      I never realized until recently the impact circuses have on these exotic animals. When I was younger I didn't think twice about attending a circus. Like most people I was under the impression that these animals were trained with positive reinforcement, and not the abusive techniques that I witnessed in this video. In this film animals are brutally beaten, kept in cages that are barely larger then them selves, and often have diseases that are left untreated. Often these animals end up having mental disorders from their stress induced environments, which is shown in this film by the repetitive thoughtless motions these animals exhibit.

     These gentle beasts were meant to be in the wild, not prodded with medal hooks and beaten into submission. I also watched the segment from the movie "Earthlings" on circuses which showed an elephant that went crazy from the abuse and had to be put down. Many other countries have banned the use of animals in circuses such as Peru, parts of Australia, Bolivia, Greece, Austria, Singapore, and a few others. The United States is sadly lagging behind in this movement to end animal cruelty. For more detailed information feel free to watch the full video below.

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