Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 64: Vegan Groupon

      For those of you that are a fan of websites like Groupon, Living Social, and Daily Gourmet, I have recently found a purely vegan version called Vegan Cuts; which recently launched in April. This website, like Groupon, offers you great weekly deals on vegan products.

     This site is run by a vegan couple John and Jill who wanted to make people more aware of new vegan businesses, and to promote shopping vegan. They originally were the creators of the well know blog Vegan Backpacker, that documented their backpacking adventure around the world and what they ate, before they came up with the idea for the new site Vegan Clips. Not only does this site have great deals, but they also have a blog that features contests, deals, events, and recipes.

        In the process of researching this great new site I also stumbled across another amazing well known site that has great deals on organic, fair trade, sustainable, recycled, cruelty free, natural, and handmade products.

    Pure Citizen is a an amazing site that gives you daily deals on products that are sold by company's that are trying to make better products. All their deals have a set of symbols by them so that you can shop by your ethics whether is be handmade, organic, recycled, vegan, fairly produced, eco-conscious, cruelty free, made in the US, One of a kind, or pure safe. You can also choose to reduce your discount and have the extra money go to a nonprofits. This year they gave over $5,000 to their featured non-profits.

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