Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 70: Why Organic?

     Many of us know that buying organic products is better for us, for they are free of the many pesticides that often contaminate our produce today. Often we still choose to not to purchase these products because of numerous reasons such as; it is too expensive, the organic produce looks too scrawny, it is inconvenient, and the list goes on. There are numerous reason why we should go organic, but the most pressing issue is our health. If you knew the serious health issues that arise from the intake of various pesticides that are on our food maybe we will think twice about buying pesticide ridden produce.

     In the book "Whitwash" by John Robbins we are informed that many pesticides have been linked to infertility, birth defects, weakening of the immune system, hormone disruption, and childhood and adult cancers. The article "Ranking Possible Carcinogenic Hazards" by Ames, B.  goes on to say that the average American today consumes almost 156 micrograms of pesticides everyday through their diet alone!

     Various research has also shown a link between some pesticides and Parkinson's disease. Another eye opening find is that some pesticides can actually mimic the natural hormones produced by our bodies, which are critical in the process of how an embryo develops genitalia, ovaries, and other sexual traits. One of the chemicals Robbins highlights in his book "Whitewashed" is the chemical vinclozolin which is commonly used on fruit and vegetables. This chemical is known to interfere with male hormones, and there was a study done that showed if male mice are exposed to this chemical during their development their male offspring where born without penises or with a sever deformity of the penis. And it doesn't stop there.

     Many experts are also saying that pesticides are playing a role in development of learning, developmental, and behavior disorders. It was found that children living in pesticide-exposed areas were found to have less stamina, poor gross motor skills, poor fine eye-hand coordination, poor memory, and the inability to draw a simple stick figure of a human being. While a big source of pesticides are in our produce, the reality is the biggest threat is the pesticide contamination in our milk. John Robbins included an in depth chart in his book "Whitewash" that showed and enormous list of pesticides and other industrial chemicals present in dairy products.

      To minimize your exposer there a couple things Robbins inform us to do:

1) Buy organic produce when ever possible
2) Avoid consuming dairy products
3) Try to avoid using pesticides in the home and garden
4) Filter your tap water

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