Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 34: Fourth of July Barbecue

     One of the hardest things about being vegan is going to friend's and family's houses to eat; whether it be a potluck or family dinner. Today I was faced with the challenge of eating vegan food at fourth of July barbecue. Since it was at the beach everyone was bringing hamburgers, s'mores, and so on. Being a potluck I decided to make the Greek Salad with Tofu (instead of feta cheese) which I had made on Day 10, as well as my own veggi burger so that I may have hamburgers with every one else. I also learned that when attending these social events it is always good to call ahead and ask the hostess what you can bring, even if it isn't a potluck, so you can guarantee you will have something to eat.

    I was pretty lucky at this event for they were only a few things I couldn't eat. Along with the salad and veggie burger I brought there was also tons of watermelon, and pretzels so I had more than enough to eat. I was a little disappointed though that some of my friends wouldn't even try my Greek salad for it had tofu in it. Next time I will try to avoid telling them it is "vegan" and if there is tofu in it for texture reasons I will not tell them (unless they have a soy allergy of course)  for people tend to avoid food with those labels.One of my friends even said "we need to get some real food". I can't stand when people say that. I mean what isn't real about a Greek salad filled with olives, garbanzo beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and tofu? Does only things with meat and cheese qualify as "real food"? But in the end I just decided if they didn't try any than there is just more for me.


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