Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 41: "A Diet For All Reasons"

     Today I found this amazing video called "A Diet For All Reasons" by Michael Kaplar, M.D. which summarizes really well the bulk of what I have learned so far in this challenge. If you have an hour to spare I advise you to check out this video for it is very clear and straight to the point on so many issues concerning a vegetarian or vegan life style. I know it is a little old, but the information is still valid and worth while.

    One of the most shocking thing I learned from this video, that I haven't heard before, is that fact that when you eat a lot of meat and dairy your blood actually becomes fatty. Dr. Klaper said in his video "If you feel greasy after eating this food, it is because you are! Your insides are greasy" He goes on to say that animal fat in the number one cause of disease and death in North America.

    Another interesting fact I learned about in this video was that there is such thing as too much protein. I had heard that before from other sources, but didn't know why until now. Dr. Klaper said that when you eat too much protein you are actually loosing calcium in your urine, which is one of the main causes of osteoporosis.

     If you would like to check out this video you can purchase it through Dr. Klaper's website or watch a lower grade version of it for free at


  1. How much protein should a person eat each day?

  2. It all depend on your weight and how active you are, and from there I believe it is between 40 to 70 grams per day. Dr. Klaper also discusses it in depth in this movie as well.