Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 93: Meetup

      As I am coming to the end of my 101 day challenge I thought would be a good idea to start surrounding myself with people who have the same values so that when this challenge is over I will have the support from those around me to continue.

         Most of you already know of the greet social networking site Meetup which helps you connect with people that have your same interests. I absolutely love this site for it makes me feel like I am going to meet the clubs day, and have all these options in front of me. Recently I have been browsing through some vegan groups in my area such as Greater LA Vegan Hikers, Vegan Foodies, and Vegan Ladies of LA. I so far have gone to two events using Meetup. The first was the Animal Rights National Conference on day day 53 that was posted on the Vegan Foodies group, and the second I attended last night through the Vegan Ladies of LA group.

     Last night I went to the well known group Compassion over Killing's labor day weekend BBQ. This event was no only a get together for labor day weekend, but also a promoting event were you would get in for free if you brought a non-vegan along with you. At this event they had vegan versions of hamburgers, hot dogs, cookies, cheesecake and a lot more. I was very interested in trying these various brands of food since I have been having a hard time finding vegan hot dogs and hamburgers that I like. I tried both their hamburgers and hot dogs which were both great and was also presently suprise by the amazing vegan cheesecake they served. I have never been a fan of normal cheesecake, but I learned today that I absolutely love vegan cheesecake! The two vegan cheesecakes I was able to try were blueberry, and carrot cheesecake. My boyfriend and I got different ones so we could try both, and I must say the carrot cheesecake was my favorite for it had a very rich almost chocolaty taste to it. All in all the event was great and I got to meet a lot of interesting people that were at the height of their career and clearly loving it.

     If you are looking to get some support from people with the same values and interests I highly recommend you try and get involved through meetup or in some other way so you will feel integrated into the vegan community and get the support you need to make a difference.

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