Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 97: Recycling Box

     I told every one I was going to talk about my free nifty recycling box I got, and If you are saying to your self "how does this even relate to being vegan?" check out day 95.

     I went to one of my friends house a while back and noticed she had an awesome recycling box. Thinking of my own recycling mess at home with tons of paper bags lines up with various cans and bottles, I couldn't help myself but to find out where she obtained this awesome storage device.

     She informed me that she got it off the site Cal Recycle which offers this services to different companies in order to help promote recycling. Not only does this company offer a great recycling boxes, but they also offer free posters and stickers for companies to help promote recycling as well as all the information you need to know about recycling. So if you have the same problem like I did with piles of recycling in just a bunch of paper bags, which is a major fire hazard I may add, then you should check out this site and order your free snazzy recycling box today. 


  1. I check out your blog every so often, and I'm always surprised that there's not more comments. Keep it up! What you're doing is great, and I do personally find it interesting. I chose to comment on this one just because I think that box is so cute. Its great that they give them out for free! Too bad I don't live in California. I've always wanted to check it out of course. Hopefully I can find something similar up north here!

  2. Thank you for your support : )