Wednesday, September 7, 2011

99: Cat and Dog Fur Sold in China

    The other day when I opened my mail I realized I had received one of those we need your money letters, that we are all so accustom to, from PETA. I was about to throw it away, since I already have a few designated charities I donate to, when this headline caught my eye "Cruelty to Cats and Dogs". A lot of people will not blink and eye when you tell them what is done to livestock before it hits there plate, but when you start telling them what is done to cats and dogs, animals you normally keep as pets, it hits them hard. This article talks about the abuse of cats in dogs in China where these animals are killed mercilessly for there fur. But it doesn't stop there, puppies and kittens in addition to adult domestic animals are killed as well for there soft pelts.

    These animals are crammed into tiny cages with one on top of another. Some investigators found cages that contained as much as twenty cats in one small cage. Often in these cages there would be dead dogs and cats among the rest that weren't able to take the strain of the transportation before slaughter. Not only are the small cages brutal, but often when unloading the trucks the cages would be tossed 10 feet from the top of trucks to the ground with no regard for the animals in side them. This would result in the animals having shattered bones from the impact alone. Not even the death of these animals are humane as they used methods such as anal electrocution, bludgeoning, kicking, strangling with wire nooses, drowning by forcing water down animals mouths with a hose, and even live skinning. The worse part is cats and dogs can actually continue to breath and blink for up to five minutes after they have been skinned alive!

      Often these animals are domestic animals that were stolen from their families and still have there collars up until they are slaughtered. Frequently fur from these animals are mislabeled and sold in the US and Europe. So if you buy fur know that you could very well be unknowingly buying the fur of someone else's beloved pet.

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